My Favorite Links
Here are some of my favorite links:

AT&T Link AT&T Home Page, easy search engine and good stuff

BUPERS Link BUPERS Web Page, Great Navy Site

CD Cover Link CD Covers, Jewel case covers, make yours look like new!

Crime Facts & Figures (San Diego) Link Crime Facts & Figures for the San Diego Area

E-Bay Link E-Bay, Great Shopping bargains on-line!

Game Copy Link Game Copy, great place to help make that back up

Kelly Blue Book Link Kelly Blue Book, How much is that car worth?

Map Quest Link Map Quest, You need to find out how to get there?  Here it is!

Penny Saver Auction Link Penny Saver Auction, almost as good as E-bay

USA Federal Credit Union Online Link USA Federal Credit Union On-Line

CPG3 IIS Link Commander Amphibious Group Three

Ya-Hoo Games On-Line Link Ya-Hoo Games!  Fun games to play on-line

Phillip Goodson-Family Site Phillip Goodson's Site.   Great "Goodson" Site!



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