Kids Games
Kids Games

                * = New Since last update, 15 February 2002           

                 1st & 2nd Grade School House Rock (2 CD’s)

                 101 Dalmatians, animated story-book

                 Aladdin, Disney’s Activity Center

                 Alphabet, Flash Action Software

                 Arcade America™, PC Playtime                

                 Arthur’s Birthday

                 Back Yard Baseball, Humongous Entertainment, (ages 5-10)

                 Balloon-O-Rama, (ages 3-8)

                 Batman & Robin™, Activity Center

                  Berenstain Bears  -  Scary Bears

                 Best Reading Program Ever


                 Black-Board Jungle

                 Blues Clues, Blue’s Birthday Adventure (2 CD’s)

                 Captain Crunch's, Crunchline Adventure

                 Casper™, Activity Center

                 Casper™, The Interactive Adventure

                  Children's Encyclopedia

                 Croc II

                 Curious George, ABC Adventure

                 Dr. Brain, Thinking games, Adventure Laboratory

                 EarthWorm Jim 3D

                 Easy Bake Kitchen (requires kitchen)

                 Franklin’s Reading World

                 Freddi Fish 2, The Haunted Schoolhouse ™

                 Freddi Fish 3, The Case of the Conch Shell ™

                 Freddi Fish 4, The Case of the Hogfish Rustlers of Briny Gulch ™

                 Goofy Golf Deluxe

                 Great Adventure – Castle, Fisher Price

                 Great Adventure – Pirate Ship, Fisher Price

                 Great Adventure – Wild Western Town, Fisher Price

                 Greatest Toy-Shop on the Earth, MR Wonders, Science Edition

                 Green Eggs and Ham, by Dr. Seuss

                 Harry and the Haunted House, living books

                 Haunted House (ages 4-8)

                 I Spy Spooky Mansion

                 Interactive, Humongous Entertainment, Demo Sampler

                 Jump Start, 1st Grade

                 Jump Start, 1st Grade Reading

                 Jump Start, 2nd Grade

                 Jump Start, 3rd Grade

                 Jump Start, 4th Grade, Haunted Island Adventure

                 Jump Start, 6th Grade, Adventures

                 Jump Start, Baby

                 Jump Start, Kindergarten

                 Jump Start, Preschool

                 Jump Start, Toddlers

                 Kid Phonics, Davidson, Teaches reading through sound and song

                 K6KEX  Lost Mines, The adventure begins

                 K6KEX  Lost Mines, Virtual

             *  LEGOLAND

                 LEGO Island

                 LEGO Knight Kingdom

                 Lenny’s Multi-media Circus

                 Let’s Go Read!  An Island Adventure

                  Let's Start Learning, Preschool Basics, Reader Rabbit & Friends

                 Lion King, Disney’s Animated Story Book

                 Little Monster ™ at School, living books

                  Magic School Bus explores the Ocean

                 Magic School Bus explores the Rain Forrest

                 Math Blaster™

                 Maze Madness, Humongous Entertainment

                  McDonalds, Card Game Party

                 Monster Maker!  Ultra Edition

                 Muppet Treasure Island, Family Adventure  (3 CD’s)

                 Pocahontas, Disney’s Animated Story Book

                 Polar Express

                 Power Rangers, Light speed Rescue

                 Putt-Putt & Fatty Bear’s Activity Pack

                 Putt-Putt Joins the Parade

                 Putt-Putt, Lemmings, Peps Dog on a Stick

                 Putt-Putt, Travels through Time

                 Reader Rabbit 3  Deluxe

                 Reading Blaster™

                 Reading Blaster, ages 4-6

                 Reading Rabbit’s   Reading 1

                 Ready for School™, 1st Grade  (Fisher Price)

                 Ready for School™, Kindergarten  (Fisher Price)

                 Ready for School™, preschool  (Fisher Price)

                 Rugrats Movie & Activity Challenge

                 School House Rock,  America

                 School House Rock,  Grammar

                 School House Rock,  Math

                 School House Rock,  Science

                 Science Blaster, Jr. Ages 4-7

                 Scooby-Doo – Phantom of the night

                 Sesame Street, Get Set to Learn!               

                 Sesame Street, Let’s make a word!

                 Sesame Street, Letters

                 Sesame Street, Numbers

                 Sock Works, Pajama Sam’s  (Humongous Entertainment)

                  Spelling & Grammar, Davidson Learning Series

                Teletubbies  -  Play with the Teletubies

                Tonka ®  Construction

                  Tonka ®  Garage

                Tonka ®  Search & Rescue

                Toy Story™, Disney’s animated story book

                  Toy Story 2 Activity Center, Disney

                 Water Worries,  Freddi Fish and Luther’s  (Humongous Entertainment)


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