* = New Since last update, 15 February 2002

                 Age of Empires

                 Age of Empires – Rise of Rome {expansion CD}

                 Alone In the Dark I, II, III

                 Andretti Racing, EA Sports

                 Atari Arcade - Greatest Hits #2

                 Battleship, Surface Thunder

                 Battle-Zone II

                 Blood   + (Quicken Deluxe, Win-Movie, M-Player)

                   Blood II, Nightmares Version 1.0

                 Blood II, The Chosen

                 Caesar III

                 Civilization II

                  Classic Card Cames  -  Hasbro

                 Comanche III

                 Comanche Gold

                 Command & Conquer: Red Alert the Aftermath

                 Command & Conquer: Red Alert Counterstrike

                 Command & Conquer: Red Alert  (2 CD’s)

                 Commandos, behind enemy lines

                 Commodore 64, 15 pack games

                 Creatures 2

                 Creep Night Pin-Ball

                 Dagger-Fall, The Elder Scrolls


                 Deer Hunter II

                 Descent III, Mercenary (2 CD's)


                 Diablo II ™  (3 CD's) requires crack found on CD 1

             *  Diablo II Expansion

                 DUNE 2000

                 DR Radiaki!              

                 Duke! Zone, 500 levels

                 Duke Nukem II

                 Duke Nukem™ 3D

                 Duke Nukem™ 3D Atomic Edition

                 East Front

                 Extreme 500

                 Extreme G XG2

                 Fall Out, A post nuclear role playing game

                 Fall Out 2, A post nuclear role playing game


                   Frogger, Hasbro

                 Frogger 2, Swampy's Revenge

                 Full Throttle


                 Golden Nugget, Las Vegas-Style Casino Gaming

                 Half Life

                 Harpoon ‘97

                 Heavy Gear

                 Hellfire, add on for Diablo

                 Heretic II

                 Hexen II

                 Hexen Add-On  (Death Kings of the Dark Citadel)

                 Hoyle Classic Board Games

                 Hoyle Classic Card Games

                 IceWind Dale (2 CD's)


                 Lemmings, The Chronicles

                 Life, The game of

                 Links LS 1998 Edition (2 CD’s)

                 Links™, The Challenge of Golf

                 Magic,  The gathering

                 Majesty, The Fantasy Kingdom Sim

                 MDK, Mission Laguna Beach ™

                 Mech Warrier 2

                 Men In Black™  The Game

                 Microsoft ® Flight Simulator

                 Microsoft ® Flight Simulator 98

                  Microsoft ® Golf

                 Microsoft ® Golf 3.0

                 Microsoft Golf 1998

                 Microsoft ® Precision Racing

                 Might & Magic VI, The Mandate of Heaven  (2 CD’s)

                 Monopoly – Star Wars


                 NBA Action ’98

                  Need for Speed III  -  Hot Pursuit

                 Neuro Dancer  -Adult-

                  Outburst  -  Hasbro

                 Panzer Commander, WWII Tank Simulator

                 Pebble Beach & PGA Tour, EA Sports Golf (2 CD’s)

                 Perfect Chess-mate

                  Pictionary  -  Hasbro

                 Power Slide

                 Primal Rage

                 Quake II

                 Quake Mission Pack No. 1  (Scourge of Armagon)

                 Quake Mission Pack No. 2  (Dissolution of Eternity)

                  Quake III  -  The Arena

                 Rainbow 6

                 Redneck Rampage


                 Riven, sequel to Myst  (5 CD’s)

                 Road Rash

                  Shanghai Dynasty



     Star Wars, Jedi Knight Dark Forces II  (2 CD’s)

     Star Wars, Jedi Knight Mysteries of the Sith, Companion Missions

                 Star Wars, Rogue Squadron

                 Star Wars, X-Wing Alliance  (2 CD’s)

                 Steel Panthers III

                 Stone Keep

                 Super Bikes

                 SWAT, Police Quest  (4 CD’s)

                 Thief, The Dark Project

                 Thief  II (2 CD's)

                 Titanic, Adventure Out of Time (2 CD’s)

                 Tomb Raider™

                 Tomb Raider II™

                 Tomb Raider IV, The Last Revelation

                  Trivial Pursuit

                 Trophy Bass

                 Ultimate Doom


                 Unreal Tournament

                 Virtual Pool™

                 Virtual Pool™ II

                 You Don’t Know Jack ® - II

                 You Don’t Know Jack ® – Movies

                 You Don’t Know Jack ® - Sports

                 You Don’t Know Jack ® – The Ride, Volume 4  (2 CD’s)

                 You Don’t Know Jack ® – TV

                 You Don’t Know Jack ® - XL

                 War Craft II, Tides of Darkness

                  WarZone 2100

                 Wheel of Fortune

                        Wing Commander



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