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PlayStation (PSX)  (sorry no PS2 games, yet {listed))           


                 5th Element

                 7-Up – Spot goes to Hollywood

                 40 Winks

                 101 Sega Games

                 102 Dalmations, Puppies to the Rescue

                 800 NES Games (2CD's)

                 A Bugs Life

                 Action Bass

                 Action Man Extreme

                 Alien Resurrection

                 Aladdin Nasiras Revenge

                 Alone in the Dark

                 Alone in the Dark 4, The New Nightmare  (2 CD’s) {not released}


                 Ape Escape


                 Army Men Air Attack

                 Army Men Air Attack II

                 Army Men Rogue Attack

                 Area 51


                 Atari Anniversary Edition

                 Back-Street Billiards

                 Bandicoot 2 CRASH, Cortex Strikes Back

                 Barbie Detective

                 Bat Man Beyond, Return of the Joker

                 Battle Arena Toshinden

                 Battle Stations

                 Big Bass World Championship

                 Big Ol' Bass II

                 Big Race USA - Pro Pinball

                 Bladez – Inline Skater USA

                 Bloody Roar 2

                 Blues Clues - Big Musical Movie

                 Bob the Builder

                 Bomber-Man Party Edition

                 Bomber-Man World

                 Broken Sword 2


                 Bubble Bobble Rainbow Adventure

                 Bugs Bunny, Lost in Time

                 Bugs Bunny & TAZ, Time Busters

                 Buzz LightYear

                 Capser, Friends around the world

                 CastleVania, Symphony of Flight

                 Cool Boarders 2001

                 Chess Master 2

                 Chicken Run

                 Chocobos Dungeon 2

                 Chrono-Cross (2 CD's)

                 Civilization 2

                 Classic Games for the Atari 2600

                 Clock Tower 1

                 Cool Boarders 4

                 Cool Boarders 2001

                 Crash Bandicoot

                 Crash Bandicoot 2

                 Crash Bandicoot - Warped

                 Crash Bash

                 Crash Team Racing

                 Croc - Legend of the Gobbos

                 Croc II

                 Crypt Killer

                 Dance, Dance Revolution DDR

                 Dance, Dance Revolution – Best Hits

                 Dance, Dance Revolution – Extra Mix

                 Dance, Dance Revolution – Kids Station

    Dance, Dance Revolution – KonaMiMix

                 Dance, Dance Revolution – OHA Studio

                 Dance, Dance Revolution – 2nd Remix, Club Vol. 1

                 Dance, Dance Revolution – 2nd Remix, Club Vol 2

                 Dance, Dance Revolution – 2nd ReMix

                 Dance, Dance Revolution – 4th ReMix

                 Dance, Dance Revolution – 3rd ReMix

                 Danger Girl

                 Dare Devil Derby 3-D

                 DarkStone (Like Diablo)

                 Davis Cup, Complete Tennis

                 Dead or Alive

                 Deathtrap Dungeon

                 Delta Force – Urban Warfare

                 Dexter’s Laboratory


                 Die Hard Trilogy II

                 DigiMon - DigiMon World

                 DigiMon - World 2

                 DigiMon - Final Bout

                 DigiMon – Rumble Arena

                 Dino Crisis 2

                 Dinosaur USA

                 Donald Duck, Going Quakers

                 Dragon Tales, Dragon Seek

                 Duke Nuke'm  - Land of the Babes

                 Duke Nuke'm  -  Time to Kill

                 Duke Nuke'm  -  Total Meltdown

                 Dukes of Hazard

              * Dukes of Hazard 2

                 DUNE 2000

                 Elmo's Letter Adventure

                 Emperors Groove, Ozzmans

                 Evil Dead (2 CD’s)

                 Evil Dead, Hail to the King (2 CD's)

                 Fantastic Four

                 Family Feud

                 FIFA 2001 (Soccer)

                 Final Fantasy 5, Limited Edition

                 Final Fantasy 9  (4 CD's)

                 Flintstones Bedrock Bowling

                 Ford Racing

                 Formula One Racing

                 Formula One, World Grand Prix USA

                 Free Style BMX, Dave Mirra


                 Frogger 2

                 Future Cop LAPD

                 G-Police, Weapons of Justice

                 The Game of LIFE

                 GEX - Enter the Gecko

                 GEX 3

                 Ghoul Panic

                 Golden Tee Golf

                 Grand Tourismo 


                 Grind Session USA

                 Harry Potter

                 Harry Potter, Chamber of Secrets

                 Harvest Moon, Back to Nature


                 Hooters Road Trip

                 Hoshagami, ruining the earth

                 Hot Shots 2

                 Hydro Thunder

                 Incredible Crisis

                 Independence Day

                 Inspector Gadget

                 Iron Man

                 Jackie Chan – Stunt Master

                 JamPack, Summer 2000

                 JamPack, Underground (Demo's)

                 Jeopardy - Version 2

                 Jeremy Macrath Super Cross 2000

                 Jersey Devil

                 Jo Jo’s Adventure

                 Jungle Book

                 Jurassic Park, War-Path



                 Lara Cricket

                 LEGO Racers

                 LEGO Rock Raiders

                 LEGO Island 2

                 Lilo & Stich

                 Lion King, Simba's Mighty Adventure

                 Little Mermaid 2

                 Looney Tunes Racing

                 M & M’s – Shell Shocked

                 Madden 2001

                 Magic, The Gathering

                 Marvel Super Hero's

                 Marvel Vs. Cap

                 Master Blaster

             *  Mayhem

             *  Mayhem +

                 Medal of Honor

                 Medal of Honor - UnderGround


                 MediEvil II

                 Mega Man X4

                 Mega Man Legends I

                 Mega Man Legends II

                 Metal Gear, Solid (2 CD's)

                 Mike Tyson Boxing

                 Miss Spider's Tea Party

                 Mission Impossible

                 MK Special Forces

             *  MLB 2003

                 Monkey Hero

                 Monkey Magic


                 Monsters Inc.

                 Monster Ranchers 2

                 Mortal Kombat 3

                 Mortal Kombat 4

                 Moto-Racer World Tour

                 Ms Pac-Man

                 Mulan Story - Walt Disney

                 Mummy, The

                 Muppet Monster Adventure

                 Muppet Race Mania


                 NCAA Football 2001

             *  NCAA March Madness ‘99

             *  NCAA Tie Breaker 2000

                 NFL Blitz 2001

             *  NFL Game Day 2001

             *  NFL Game Day 2003

                 Nick Tunes Racing

                 Nightmare Creatures

                 Nightmare Creatures 2



                 Pajama Sam

                 Paper, Rock, Scissors {Adult Japanese}

                 ParaSite Eve (2 CD's)

                 Persona 2

                 Peter Pan, Return to Never Land

                 PitFall 3-D

                 Playboy XXX (adult)

                 Power-puff Girls

                 Power Rangers Light Speed Rescue

                 QUAKE II

                 Rainbow 6


                 RayMan 2

                 RayMan Rush

                 Reel Fishing 2

                 Resident Evil - Directors Cut

                 Resident Evil 2 (2 CD's)

                 Resident Evil 3, Nemesis

                 Resident Evil, Survivor


                 Rival School 2

                 Rock'em, Sock'em Robots

                 RugRats in Paris

                 RugRats - Search for Reptar

                 RugRats – Studio Tour

                 Running Wild

                 Saltwater Sport Fishing

                 Satin & Lace (adult)

                 Scooby-Doo and the cyber chase


                 Sesame Street Sports

                 Sextacy Vol 4 (adult)

                 Simpsons Wrestling

                 SIMS - Theme Park

                 Skull Monkeys

             *  Smack Down

             *  Smack Down 2


                 Sonic Wings, Special

                 Space Invaders


                 Spider-Man 2

                 Sponge-Bob Square Pants

                 Spyro, The Dragon

                 Spyro 2, Ripto's Revenge

                 Spyro 3, The year of the Dragon

                 Spyro 3, The year of the Dragon (unpatched)

                 Star Wars - Demolition

                 Star Wars, Episode 1, The Phantom Menace

                 Stuart Little II

                 Sydney Olympics 2000

                 Tarzan - Walt Disney

                 Tekken 3

                 Teletubbies, Play with the

                 Test Drive - Off Road

             *  Test Drive 5

                 The Mummy

                 The Worlds Scariest Police Chases

                 Theme Hospital

                 Thrill Kill (unreleased)

                 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2000

                 Time Crises 2 (Patched)

                 TinyToons - Toonenstein


                 Tom & Jerry

                 Tomb Raider 1

                 Tomb Raider 2

                 Tomb Raider 3

                 Tomb Raider Chronicles

                 Tomb Raider Last Revelation

                 Tomba 2

                 Tony Hawks Pro-Skater

                 Tony Hawks Pro-Skater 2

                 Tony Hawks Pro-Skater 3

                 Totally Angelica II

                 Toy Story 2

                 Treasure Planet

                 Twisted Metal

                 Twisted Metal 1, 2 & 3

                 Twisted Metal 4

                 Twisted Metal, Small Brawl

                 USA Bowling

                 VANARK, Astro Trooper

                 Vegas Games 2000

                 Virtual Sex 2 (adult)

                 Warcraft II – The Dark Sega

                 Warriors of Might & Magic

                 Wheel of Fortune

                 Who wants to be a Millionaire, Version 2

                 Wild Thornberries

                 Winnie the Pooh

                 Woody-Wood Pecker Racing


                 WORMS World Party

                 X-Men Vs. Street Fighter

                 You Don't Know Jack, MOCK 2

                 Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories

              *  ZoBoomaFoo Lepin’ Leamurs’



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