Cowles Mountain - 16 February 2003

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Cowles Mountain


Panoramic from the top of Cowles Mountain


At the starting point

At the starting point


Jacquie & Sianna hiking up

Jacquie & Sianna hiking up


A quick break on the way

A quick break on the way


We're getting there...  at the 1/2 point

At the 3/4 mile marker


At the 1/2 point

Even Dad had to rest here


Keep on climbing!

Keep on climbing!


One more break before we make it to the top!

Almost to the top...


Yeaaaahhh, we made it to the top!

Goodson family on the top of Cowles Mountain


Radar transmitting station, a good place for it, since this is the highest point in San Diego!

Radar transmitter on top of Cowles Mountain


Sianna taking a break coming down

Sianna taking a break going back down


Sianna climbing

Sianna climbing


Almost down, where is my car?

Almost down


Back to the begining, should we do it again?  Not today

Back to the bottom


Click here to view a Quick-Time Movie of the top!



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