1st Group Photo  1st Group Photo, getting ready to take off  Almost ready to set sail  1st Stop, Group Photo  1st Stop, 2nd Group Photo  The River  Next Stop - Photo #1  Photo #2

  Cruising down the river!  Then, there's Clayton!  Next Stop - Picture #1  Next Stop - Picture #2  Problem???  My boat seems to have taken on some water???  Its all good!  The inside is all clean now!  No water in THIS boat!

  Are we going to leave???  Casting Off!  Let's GO! (None of you shall DIE on MY watch!)  Wait! There's a new Sheriff in town  O.K - DRAW!!!  Boss-Girl (Thinking O.K. lets go...)  Brett & Rick  Man Overboard Port Side!!!

  I'll be O.K  One of these canoe's doesn't look "right"???  WHoaa!!!  Still Cruising Down the River!  Great view from the river  Still cruising down the river  A view from the river, heading back  Go THERE!  you Poly-Wog!!!

  Tomatoes are good!  Still Cruising Down the River  There's a new Sheriff in town!!!  Cruising  Re-Adjusting & Cruising!  Yes - This is a TEAM Building Event!  Cruising down the ....  River View

  Heading for the finish line  Almost at the END!  Going into the last turn  The Last Stretch  "Moored, Shift colors" (sorry that's the Navy coming back in me)  Moored, gathering up belonging's  Where the heck is that sandwich!  River Float Complete!!!

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